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Providing Expert & Honest Service For Over 20 Years

The dedicated team at B&J Auto care have one common goal…..success. We understand that being a great mechanic just isn’t enough. Our focus on customer service highlights the benefits of good communication which in turn will enable us to exceed your expectations again and again. The compelling sense of satisfaction offers us a great reward for a job well done….this is what drives us.

All of our technicians have the knowledge, experience and tools to tackle any problem on any vehicle. Being able to adapt from one vehicle brand to another sets us apart from the rest. A keen focus on staff training ensures all staff are continually updating their skills and familiar with the latest technology.

Key Benefits
  • All technicians are experienced and highly trained.
  • We possess the latest diagnostic equipment.
  • We only use recommended parts and lubricants from dedicated suppliers.
  • Convenient location. 
  • Increased vehicle servicing options whilst you work or shop.

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