The air conditioning system on your vehicle is made up of many components that work in harmony to keep you cool and comfortable inside the cabin.

If one of these components fails or isn’t working as it should, your air conditioning system will be compromised, leaving you hot under the collar!This could be as simple as a leaking seal all the way up to a failed compressor or condenser.Having your air-conditioning system repaired as soon as possible will keep you cool all year round.

Symptoms of needing an Air-Conditioning Repair
A/C system isn’t working
A/C is blowing air that is not cold, or not as cold as it should be
Squealing or grinding noise from engine bay

How is the Air-Conditioning Repair Carried Out?
The A/C system will be checked for pressure and level
The compressor power and ground will be checked
Once the issue has been found, the refrigerant will be removed
The repair or component replacement will be carried out
The system will be flushed out to remove any contamination
The air conditioning system will be evacuated and new refrigerant will be added
The system will be checked for leaks and correct operation

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