Break Repairs

we believe there are no shortcuts or compromises when it comes to a brake repairs. As an integral safety feature of any vehicle, extreme care should be taken when diagnosing, inspecting or replacing any braking component.

The most common type of brake repairs are changing the pads. Disc brake pads usually have a piece of metal on them called a wear indicator or an electrical sensor called a brake sensor. When enough of the friction material is worn away, the wear indicator or sensor will contact the disc and make a squealing sound or illuminate a warning lamp on the dashboard. This means it is time for new brake pads.

Sometimes, deep scores get worn into disc rotors. This can happen if a worn-out brake pad is left on the car for too long. Disc rotors can also warp; that is, lose their flatness. If this happens, the brakes may shudder or vibrate when you stop. Both of these problems can be fixed by replacing the disc rotors and brake pads.

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